Dissecting My 2014- Early 2016 World View

If you’re passionate about free speech and like bitching about those darn leftist snowflake college students, you may be familiar with the Wilfrid Laurier University scandal involving a Jordan Peterson video on pronoun usage. If you are unfamiliar with it, I recommend looking it up on your own time because I believe the combination of videos, audio clips, and articles can provide much better context than I can in a short summary here. Anyways, I discussed this recent scandal with one of my friends today, during which I complained that I simply couldn’t fathom the ideas these SJWs (social justice warriors, edgelord speak for annoying, stereotypical leftist protesters) held.

Example of a very distraught “SJW”

As I seem to be 19 going on 72 years old, I suggested that poor parenting skills could be partially to blame for these students’ inability to handle distressing situations such as these in an appropriate manor. Then it hit me that I used to have the very same mentality as them. Some of this may have been evident in a few of my long deleted blog posts, some of my Facebook rants, but mostly on the depths of hell also known as (the now obsolete) Google+. My friend then posed to me this question:

“And you were raised by […] I assume decent parents, and you were still an SJW. How, might I ask?”

This question really got me thinking about my mentality from 2014-2016, a particularly rough patch in my life where I subscribed to far left ideals like socialism and borderline communistic thoughts, a peculiar fascination with the LGBTQ community and identities, and a very aggressive and bitter form of atheism. I believe I summarized the causation extremely well in my response. Please note that I only speak for myself and my experiences do not necessarily reflect those of others. However from personal experience, I would say from an observational standpoint that these characteristics are true for many of the people I know who have/had this point if view.

“I let my fears control my thoughts. I bought into the ‘if you’re not for me then you’re against me’ mentality and I thought the whole world was out to get me, and I was really hateful towards anyone who I suspected of not being for my causes. Most of this SJWism is the result of anxiety that has been allowed to grow. Article after fearmongering article gets published that feeds into their narrative and pushes them further into the depths of their ideology and into a heightened state of anxiety that they end up thinking about things in a very irrational way.”

I believe the primary factor is anxiety, as you can see from my response. I will leave you to stew on that and perhaps compare it to what you have seen or heard in your life, and in the future I will go into further depth about why I think this and what we can do to stop it. This post is undoubtedly a bit more controversial than most, and with that being said I ask that you please keep any discussions as civil as possible. Thanks!


Ah, WordPress…

I had several posts in the works for everybody and they’ve been in progress for several months. I spent a lot of effort researching topics and finding evidence to support my claims. Unfortunately around a month ago, all my unfinished drafts mysteriously vanished. I decided not to back up my posts on any other platform besides WordPress (stupid was I…) so all that time spent was wasted. I picked up where I left off after that, with what I had hoped to be one of my best posts, but upon checking WordPress today, that too has been deleted.

I have no idea what is causing this, but needless to say I have lost all trust in WordPress and will be typing up my posts somewhere they will not mysteriously vanish.

Apologies for the lack of posts, I won’t let this stop me. Hopefully you will hear from me soon!