Brain Overload?

Too many interests, inadequate time in the day, not enough mental capacity! …right?

Now that I’ve got things 100% sorted with college, I (as well as everyone around me) found some peculiarity in my drastic change of career plans. Aeronautics? But didn’t you go to school for music composition before? And didn’t you originally apply as a computer science major? Do you really know what you want in life?

Well…yes. The truth is that I want multiple things. I would be incredibly happy with a career in any of those fields, and a few others as well. I believed it was in my best interest to choose one that would offer me the most overall happiness and financial stability.

But that has left me wondering what is going to happen with my other passions. Becoming an airline pilot, as I aspire to do, requires so much time and effort. There is so much to learn, that it seems it wouldn’t be feasible for me to succeed in my pilot training whilst learning more about computer programming and putting effort into making a videogame, and also composing music. This is even before I get a job. Once I get a job as a pilot, I’ll be working for long periods of time and traveling a lot. My schedule then will be even less flexible.

It makes me wonder – will I feel unsatisfied someday? Will I wake up and wish that I had actually pursued computer science? Or music composition? What will I say 50 years from now? That I can fly Boeing 737s but the world might have missed out on a brilliant composer, or innovative developer? Should I try to do it all? What if it’s too much?

I guess that’s the scary part of adulthood. You never really know. You just have to trust your instincts, jump right into life, and hope you come out on top.

My instincts tell me that being inside the cockpit just feels right. Everything about it fascinates me like nothing ever has before. But my instinct (and experience) also tells me that my creativity is an integral part of my life, and without it my life would be dull and meaningless. So I guess I’ll just have to find the right balance of it. I guess I’ll have to just jump into it and see if I can rise to the challenge, and still have a functional life. Hopefully doing so doesn’t cause me to have a brain overload…


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