Terrible Teens = Over?

Most of you have been here since I was 14 years old, in my first year of high school. When I had first been introduced to the REAL world wide web, and had a limitless amount of possibilities at my fingertips. I used my presence to showcase my creativity and my love for Survivalcraft and cats. As time went on, I used my presence to vent and spout illogical rants, and it proved just how damaging mental illness and a lack of self control could be. You were there for all of my embarrassing ramblings, and you knew way too much about what was going on inside of my mind.

Now that I’m trying to put that behind me, I begin to sit here and think about the things I’ve done and said and wonder what part of my brain actually thought that was a good idea. Seriously, my brain has failed me!

As I continue to right the wrongs in my personal life, I can’t help to think about all the atrocities I put my blogging/Survivalcraft acquaintances through. That is why I’d like to issue a formal apology to everyone who probably had secondhand embarrassment from my cringe-worthy articles, and those who I’ve made promises to that I couldn’t keep, and those who I have treated wrongly. Apologies can’t repair everything, and they probably can’t repair broken trust or reputations, but I’d like to fix things in the only way I really can.

With that being said, I’m back to doing the thing I originally came here to do – talk about Survivalcraft. Except this time it’s on Go Survivalcraft.

Jonny and I have rebooted the site, but we have a different goal in mind, and a different method. I want GSC to be a helpful tool. An enhancement for the average player. That is why we are all about tutorials and community content this time around. The site isn’t currently active, although you can still visit it, but it will hopefully be in the future. We put lots of work into developing a quality design and bug free site. (see, going into programming classes has its perks!)

I am very excited about this endeavour, it’s taken a lot of planning, and hopefully it will pay off with a more educated and happy community. See you soon with more updates on our progress!



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